DS & Durga White Peacock Lily ~ fragrance review

DS & Durga White Peacock Lily ~ fragrance review

DS& Durga launches the White Peacock Lily in 2016. White Peacock Lily stood out in this trio because of its bright/bold character, and I’m always drawn to floral perfumes come January and February here in the Pacific Northwest.

White Peacock Lily has listed notes of oleander, cabreuva wood, grapefruit pith, white lily cream, jasmine, violet, ambrette seed, vanilla and “fog.”  White Peacock Lily’s opening presents pollen-rich (a touch of powdery bitterness), intensely scented flowers, like the dense/citrus-y aroma of May Chang flowers (Litsea cubeba) that I miss smelling since I moved from Los Angeles. White Peacock Lily also provides a green and spicy background for the blossoms, a note that is probably the “grapefuit pith” but is reminiscent of tender, fragrant tomato vines. White Peacock Lily gives me a pleasant jolt that diverts my attention from gray-skied, cold, damp winter in Seattle. As White Peacock Lily develops, I detect soft (but not soapy or talcy) jasmine blossoms mixing with residual grapefruit rind aromas. Though this is a floral perfume, big time, I think guys should give it a try…the ‘tomato vine’/grapefruit tang offsets the flowers, which are gutsy, not delicate.

DS & Durga White Peacock Lily

For those who find White Peacock Lily fun but who shudder at DS & Durga’s surge in pricing, I can heartily recommend Pacifica Malibu Lemon Blossom (29 ml perfume spray, $22). Malibu Lemon Blossom replaces White Peacock Lily’s grapefruit with hearty lemon but keeps the beautiful May Chang flower scent. Best of all: Malibu Lemon Blossom’s quality is on a par with White Peacock Lily. Such is the world of perfume!

DS & Durga White Peacock Lily Eau de Parfum is available in 50 ml ($175) and 100 ml ($260).