Chestnuts In the Air: Castagna by Tuttotondo

Castagna Tuttotondo for women and men

When it’s winter, the smell of roasted chestnuts is something that is always in the air anywhere.  I love that comforting smell which urges me to eat some more, and I can rarely stop before there is no more chestnuts left. Who would have thought that a perfume brand would take this as a theme for a fragrance? It’s real and it’s called Castagna, from the ever so fun Italian house of Tuttotondo.

Castagna Tuttotondo for women and men

Tuttotondo is a recent line consisting of body products and perfumes inspired in natural materials, such as myrtle, cactus fig and alpine herbs, but it also has a perfume inspired by an Italian beverage called Chinotto. In 2016 they launched this smoky smell of chestnuts as a new perfume and body line. And it’s much more than what the name suggests. In fact, this is a gourmand scent, turned and twisted to incorporate smoke, sweetness and the suggestion of chestnuts. I have been wearing it and even if at first sniff it reminded me of the nuts coming straight out of the oven, after that it changes. Yes, there is the smell of baked nuts, sweet and smoky, but then it morphs into something more related to pipe tobacco and tonka bean, it’s really interesting how it develops. It’s also the strongest and richest fragrance in the brand’s line.

Castagna line

Castagna is a perfume that brings a smile to your face, but while you may expect it to turn into a foodie smell, it doesn’t. After the first impression it gets deep, boozy and sweet. There is a palpable smoke cloud and the company of a glass of cognac. The sweetness of vanilla and tonka ends up dominating the composition and it’s clearly a winter fragrance that could become overwhelming in hot weather. The fragrance itself is very warm, like a blanket, and evokes baking things in the oven while smoking a pipe. Jam, cookies, tobacco, vanilla, smoked almonds… Doesn’t this give you an image of cozy winters? Now available at the touch of a spray nozzle!