Flamenco is latest fragrance from Spanish fragrance house, Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal’s latest fragrance is Flamenco, inspired by the Andaluz culture that stems from the south of Spain where he lived as young man.

Monegal says, “I am very close to this part of Spain, I love the lifestyle, I love the light, the heat, and it’s where I get the inspiration, I feel closer to the South and this is how I have arrived at Flamenco. The dance expresses a series of values which really connect with me.”

“With this fragrance I am translating not just the dance itself – the tempo, the ritual, the fire and passion — but also the effect of the dance upon the audience, the intoxication, seduction and dream like qualities that it conveys. Flamenco is hypnotic and exciting”.

The oriental scent opens with notes of orange blossom leading to Spanish and Bulgarian roses, jasmine, violet, strawberry, raspberry, candyfloss and fudge notes. Iris root, musk, cedarwood, amberwood, cypress and fir round out the fragrance.

Flamenco is available later this month exclusively at Harrods. £180 for 50ml.