Frederic Malle brings Outrageous to a global audience, ten years after original launch.

Frederic Malle is launching Outrageous worldwide. The fragrance was originally launched in 2007 as an exclusive to Barneys, in different packaging to the regular Editions de Parfum line.

The fragrance, composed by perfumer Sophia Grosjman contains notes of bergamot, tangerine, green apple, cinnamon, musk and ambroxan.

The original 2007 bottleThe company say:

The idea for it poured out of a Caipirinha cocktail in Brazil: samba on the beach, bursts of orange and blue in low light, crashing waves and the ecstatic laughs of the young and sexy. Outrageous is an explosion of bergamot, tangerine and green apple against a lusty backdrop of cinnamon, musk and ambroxan. It’s dramatic, festive and colorful, what Frédéric likes to call “clean sex appeal”.

Outrageous will be available from Frederic Malle stockists in the next few months.