How To Find Your Signature Scent guide

Every scent tells a exceptional story, and not simply about how it’s created or what components have been used, but more importantly, it tells something about the individual wearing it. That’s why looking for the best perfume is like choosing a persona. Perfumes should elicit a tone that reflects the wearer’s mood and personality.
Prepared to shop for a signature scent? Before you dive in, read our do’s and don’ts of cologne shopping to guide you in your search for the perfect fragrance.
Exactly like each personality, perfumes have layers. The best notes, often citrus scents, will be the first aroma that you’ll find a whiff of when you spray on a cologne. The middle notes, also called as heart notes emerge once the top notes evaporate. And ultimately, the base notes are the ones with the most heavy molecules, which are usually derived from musks, sandalwood, and other creature essences. All of these work to create a one-of-a-kind perfume.
Another thing which you need to notice is that the types of fragrance. Perfume and Eau De Parfum possess the maximum concentration of essences, meaning that a dab of this product will go a very long way. Next is that the Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne, which have less concentration but are more budget-friendly and lightweight, which makes it ideal for the hotter months.


Smelling a range of perfumes may overwhelm your sense of smell. Sniffing coffee beans in between testing fragrances can enable you to’cleanse your mind’ so that you can properly evaluate every odor.
Don’t Rub Scents Between Your Wrists When Testing Scents
This a common mistake people make when they’re testing perfumes because they think that rubbing scents and applying heat will produce the odor more intense. On the contrary, this will make the top notes evaporate faster leaving you with just the base and middle notes. That means you won’t get to go through the full body of this perfume.
You don’t need to purchase a bottle right away in your very first visit. Perfumes are often very expensive so it’s only practical that you should be 100% convinced that you just love a fragrance before buying one. Do not let a pushy salesperson guilt or pressure you into buying something before you get that’that is totally me’ feeling.
As soon as you’ve narrowed down your options into three scents, request a sample or a odor blotter so that you may examine them out the shop. Doing so will help you become acquainted with the scents more thoroughly. You might find that it smells slightly different once you’re in another environment. Patience is essential.


As mentioned before, choosing a fragrance is quite personal. But if you’re searching for some recommendations to get you started on your hunt, you are able to test out our recommended scents, ranging from the classics to modern blends. Fantastic for people who love lively fresh scents. Its top notes are raspberry and grapefruit; the center notes are rampant improved and musky with base notes of cedarwood. It’s a mixture of brilliant citrus flavours, serene green aromas, and floral blends. Top notes are bergamot, mandarin, orange, lemon, lime, leafy, violet leaf, galbanum, apple, carrot, carrot, cherry, and lavender. And lastly, it dives to a woody base with cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli. This cologne is available with each purchase of Ex-Vie Ginza.
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet: This perfume is thought to possess strong citrus scents initially but settles nicely into a mix of zesty and floral scents.
Coco Eau De Parfum: This oriental scent represents the enigmatic and intense character of Gabrielle Chanel. The cologne is very spicy and woody with the smallest hint of flowery.
Chloé Fleur de Parfum: A gentle floral scent with bursts of citrus which does not stray from the iconic Chloé odor. The key notes for this mix are verbena flower, rose, and cherry blossom.
Calvin Klein Obsessed (Women): This scent is said to have been made together with the”memory of a previous love” in mind. The perfume is centred around white sand and creamy musks using a bit of sacred citrus neroli nature elemi.