Storage perfume guide: what to pay review

You may have noticed that among your fragrances suddenly smelled distinct after it had been in the restroom for quite a long time. Or maybe you heard from a friend that she keeps her perfumes at the fridge. Did you know that the conditions in which you’re storing your perfume impact how long the fragrance lasts? However, how can you do so, properly store your cologne? We’re delighted to help you! There are a few factors that have a lot of influence on the fragrance of a perfume. For instance, temperature fluctuations are very bad for your perfume; those accelerate the”aging process” causing the fragrance to change. Because of this, it is not recommended to keep your scents in the restroom. Every time you shower or have a bath, the temperature in the room rises and then cools down again. In addition, do not set your perfumes in sunlight, such as before a window, nor keep them in warm places, like the vehicle. Another reason to not keep your perfumes near a window is as sunlight will create your perfume smell less powerful. And if you are really unlucky, your perfume will smell even worse. . For instance, you can select to depart the cardboard packaging round the bottle. However, the very best stays: put your perfumes at a dark place!
Do you still have all the caps of your own perfumes? If this is no longer the situation, it can also have an effect on the aroma of your perfume. This manner, oxygen can quickly get to the perfume, and then the odor can change. This is a result of the oxidation. So be sure you always close your perfume well after each use. How do you know if your cologne can no longer be kept? You can often realize this by the color of liquid. This can change and often becomes a bit darker. This may also happen if you do not store a perfume correctly. It is possible to also recognize this by the odor. Some scents become heavier and more extreme as they age, which sometimes benefits the scent. Therefore, always use your nose to determine whether your cologne is still good. We recommend that you always store your perfumes in a room with a steady temperature; ideally this place is dark and cool. A drawer or cupboard on your bedroom is ideal for this. Since a toilet is humid and hot, we don’t suggest keeping your perfumes in the bathroom. Does your perfume have a transparent glass bottle? Then it is a great idea to maintain the perfume at the packaging. Want to protect against the aging of your own perfume? Then enjoy your liquid perfume into the full and use it every day!